Commercial Condensing Boiler Installation – multi Temperature

Two (2) Utica SSV Boilers are the central components in a commercial multi temperature system.   The boilers provide the energy for radiant heating of the building, pool heating, and potable water heating via a Utica H2O Commercial Indirect water heater.

Twin SSV boiler were selected to provide system redundancy and maximum turndown, when the boilers were operating only the radiant heating system.  The on board controls on the SSV Boilers include multiple boiler controls capability, eliminating the need for expensive external controls.

Products Featured:
     - Utica SSV Condensing Boiler
     - Utica H2O Indirect  Water Heater
     - Caleffi SEP4 Hydraulic Separator
     - Caleffi Autofill Valve, Mixing Valves and Zone Controls

     - ComfortPro Systems Radiant Manifolds

     - Zilmet Expansion Tanks

G3 provided startup and commission support to the installing contractor.

Two Argo AT Series Electric Boilers operating a radiant slab heating installation.

Products Featured:

​     - Two Argo AT Series B          

       Electric Boilers


Hot Water Heat Conversion Multiple Boiler project incorporating a major overhaul of a historic church building.  A large outdated steam boiler was replaced with four Modulating Condensing Boilers when the Church was converted to Hot Water Heat.  With the new design prepared by G3 Clean Energy, the church building is zoned into six areas to improve comfort and increase fuel efficiency.  Staging 4 Mod-Con boilers provides a redundant state of the art heating plan with exceptional operating range.

Products Featured:

    - Four Utica SSC-299 Modulating Condensing Boilers

    - Argo Zone Controls

    - Caleffi Air-Dirt Separator, Quick Setter Balancing Valves and Air Vents

    - Zilmet Hydronic Expansion Tank 

Residential Snow Melting system in Western Pennsylvania

Products Featured:
     - Dunkirk Helix VLT Modulating Condensing Boiler
     - ComfortPro System Pentagol PEX Tubing and ProMix Manifolds
     - Caleffi Discal Air Separator and Boiler AutoFill Valve
     - Zilmet Hydronic Expansion Tanks

High efficiency boiler installation operating a slab radiant floor.

Products Featured:

    - Dunkirk Helix Mod-Con Boiler

    - Caleffi Discal Air Separator

    - Caleffi Boiler Fill 

    - Caleffi Radiant Manifolds 

    - Argo Zone Relay