High efficiency boiler installation operating a slab radiant floor.

Products Featured:

    - Dunkirk Helix Mod-Con Boiler

    - Caleffi Discal Air Separator

    - Caleffi Boiler Fill 

    - Caleffi Radiant Manifolds 

    - Argo Zone Relay 


G3 Clean Energy was contacted to assist in the design and implementation of a radiant heating system for a new convenience store being built in our region.

Starting with the plans for the building, G3 worked with our distributor RE Michel in Vienna West Virginia, the building owner and the installing contractor to develop a design concept.   A zoned radiant floor heating system with multiple boilers best met the needs of all of the team.

Utica MAH Series Wall hung condensing boilers were selected for the project due to a combination of their small size, high efficiency and ease of maintenance.   The boilers were arranged as a multiple boiler system with an HBX CPU-0550 staging control managing the system – and providing outdoor reset control of the system.   The store owner has access to control the system with the built in WI-FI included in the HBX Staging control.

          ** ComfortPro Systems PEX-A Barrier pipe was selected for the radiant floor.  Approximately

          10,000 Feet of PEX-A, the highest grade of PEX, was installed in the building prior to pouring

          the concrete. ComfortPro Stainless Steel manifolds provide the interconnection of the PEX-A to

          the main heating system piping.

           ** Flamco Air Separator and AquaMotion pumps were selected to provide ease of maintenance

           for the radiant heating system.

          ** HBX Controls WI-FI Zoning Controls are used in the building to allow the maintenance staff

          to monitor and independently control each zone.   HBX Controls Blue tooth interface between

          the zoning panels allowed G3 to locate one of the panels remotely in the warehouse area –

          saving the contractor the time and cost of running control wiring back to the mechanical room. 

         ** Hydrolevel Low Water Cutoff Controls are installed for each boiler to ensure maximum safety

         of the heating system.

Argo Electric boiler installation for an Electric Utility service center in our region.

Feature an Argo AT Series electric boiler with the ability to stage on elements to improve heating system efficiency.

          ** 5/8" ComfortPro Systems PEX-A Barrier Heating Pipe was installed in the concrete floors to

          provide the most efficiency heating of the space.   ComfortPro Stainless Steel manifolds were

          added to interconnect the PEX with the heating system.

          ** Flamco Air and Dirt Separators are used to ensure that the heating system remains clean and

          air free.   A FlexConsole expansion tank hanger bracket was added to allow the installing

          contractor to locate the expansion tank up above the systems - simplifying maintenance.

          ** AquaMotion AMRe ECR Circulator pumps are used to maximize the energy efficiency of the


          ** Hydrolevel 550 Manual Reset Low Water Cutoff and FS200 Flow Switches provide a 2nd level

          of safety controls above those built into the Argo AT Series Electric Boiler.

G3 was contacted to design a conversion of a multi-level apartment complex heating system.    Owner of the apartments was faced with numerous calls regarding comfort of the tenants and high fuel costs.

Upon inspection G3 found a 20 year old firetube boiler was the only source of heat – building was arranged for 3 zones – but the equipment was not operating correctly, so essentially the building was one zone.  Working with the building owner and the Installing Contractor, G3 proposed changing the building to 4 zones per floor – plus a zone for each of the common areas.  14 zones in total.

The project conversion went flawlessly.

Qty (3) Dunkirk DMG-380 boilers used as the heat source – provided 95% efficiency, along with modulation and staging.   The amount of heat produced in the building now can be controlled from as low as approximately 40,000 to the maximum of 1, 140,000 BTU.    By staging the DMG-380 boilers – the building now has some redundant capacity if one of the boilers is not available due to maintenance.

            ** HBX CPU-550 manages the staging of the boilers while providing outdoor temperature

            reset capability.  The Wi-FI capability of the CPU-0550 allows the building manager to control

            the boiler set point temperature and staging remotely.

            ** Flamco Commercial Air-Dirt Separator was added to ensure proper air and dirt elimination.

            ** ComfortPro PEX-A large diameter piping was used to transition from the boiler room out to

            the individual zones.   The PEX-A Barrier pipe allowed the installing contractor to abandon

            the piping mains in the mechanical room and quickly connect to the baseboard radiation on

            each floor level.

            ** The Zoning was a combination of AquaMotion 3 Speed Cast Iron Circulators mounted on a

            custom fabricated header sourced from ComfortPro Systems.   The removeable GREEN ECO

            cartridge in the AquaMotion pumps can be removed for cleaning or service – providing a low-

            cost maintenance of the circulators in this building.

           ** ComfortPro systems wireless thermostats are employed on this project – tied to multi-zone

           pump relays.  The Thermostats and pump relay system has WI-FI remote access – allowing

           the building manager to monitor heating in apartment zones, and adjust if needed.

           ** Hydrolevel 550 Series Low Water Cutoffs provide a 2nd layer of safety controls for the

           heating system.

Hot Water Heat Conversion Multiple Boiler project incorporating a major overhaul of a historic church building.  A large outdated steam boiler was replaced with four Modulating Condensing Boilers when the Church was converted to Hot Water Heat.  With the new design prepared by G3 Clean Energy, the church building is zoned into six areas to improve comfort and increase fuel efficiency.  Staging 4 Mod-Con boilers provides a redundant state of the art heating plan with exceptional operating range.

Products Featured:

    - Four Utica SSC-299 Modulating Condensing Boilers

    - Argo Zone Controls

    - Caleffi Air-Dirt Separator, Quick Setter Balancing Valves and Air Vents

    - Zilmet Hydronic Expansion Tank