Pittsburgh Area Snow Melt

Snow Melting of a custom home in the Pittsburgh area was included in this project engineered by G3 Clean Energy Marketing.  ComfortPro Systems barrier PEX-A tubing was used in this large driveway snowmelt project.

The radiant will be powered by a modulating condensing boiler.  Other featured products include Caleffi Hydronic Accessories, and Zilmet Expansion Tank.

Garage Radiant Heating System

When looking for a heating system for their new garage, a heating contractor in the Youngstown Ohio area chose Comfort Pro Systems PEX-A piping and manifolds for the job.   To simplify the installation, ComfortPro System's claw clips were used to secure the tubing to the wire mesh saving time when compared to wire ties.

This project also features Caleffi boiler accessories and a Zilmet Expansion Tank to complete the installation.

UltraFin Radiant Heating System Installation

​Piping arrangement shows installation both parallel and perpendicular to the joist bays.

Custom Radiant Heating System

Working with our local distributor and contractor customer, G3 Clean Energy designed a radiant heating system for a custom home installation in Northern Ohio.  The 2nd floor of the home features an above floor radiant system using ComfortPro System PEX-A radiant piping and our ProPanel floor system. The finished basement and garage will also include radiant heating using ComfortPro Systems PEX-A radiant piping installed in the concrete floor.

G3 designed the radiant heating into multiple zones to allow the Home Owner to tailor the heating system for maximum comfort, and to save on energy.

The radiant system will be powered by a Utica SSC Modulating Condensing 
Boiler with Potable water provided by a Utica H2O Indirect water heater.

Also featured in the project are Caleffi boiler accessories, Argo Zone Controls and Zilmet Expansion Tanks.