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G3 Clean Energy is an active participant in the following industry associations:

G3 Clean Energy represents Plumbing and HVAC manufacturers focused on sustainable solutions, energy efficiency, and other green solutions. G3 Clean Energy focuses on the market as a Consultant – not only as a sales representative.  Our agency works hand in hand supporting sales, marketing, and technical application of these products through the supply chain; manufacturer to contractor.

The formula for success is simple to say, more difficult to achieve – growing sales starts with a focus on the contractor and specifying engineer. Distributors will sell products that are being asked for.  To that end, G3 Clean Energy has the technical expertise to train the contractor and wholesaler on our products including the value proposition, application and trouble shooting.  Our role is more than making the sale; we provide the manufacturer with both our technical product skills and our knowledge of market forces allowing G3 to assist the manufacturer with product positioning.

G3 operates a small warehouse operation for buy-resell of products from the manufacturer’s we represent. G3 buys in larger quantities minimizing expenses for our manufacturer’s and then supplies in small quantities to our local distributors, allowing for high inventory turns while maintaining competitive prices.

We have good business relationships with the distributors in our market, and work every day to provide value to all parts of the supply chain.